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iOS/Java/Python/PHP Freelance Developer living in Asunción@Paraguay

Hello user..! My name is Andreas Koenzen and I am a freelance developer with a few years of experience... if you want to contact me for a project, you can do it using the Contact form on the upper-right corner or you can email me.


  1. Proyecto de Tesis@UCA (Septiembre-Diciembre 2016)

Algorithms / Programming:

  1. Compute Primes in C
  2. Integer to Byte Array in Java (Spanish)
  3. Algorithm for converting SAX to DOM.
  4. Random, Algorithms, Junk


  1. Simple Bayes Problem

    I set up to develope this problem after listening to the "You Are Not So Smart" podcast, episode 73 "Bayes' Theorem". You can find the link here.

Side Notes:

If you are wondering where the background photo was taken, it's outside the Timberline Lodge on the south slope of Mount Hood on the outskirts of Portland, OR. I took that photo on a very cold winter day on February 2015, while I was visiting a cousin of mine in Portland, OR. It was a beautiful place to be at that exact time and place, when the sun was comming down, and it was getting very cold...

Latest Project

CoderToDo / codertodo.com

.:: CoderToDo / A Productivity App for Indie/Solo Coders, Developers & Programmers ::.

Add structure to your "Working Day"..! Very handy and complete App for managing your personal projects.

This App implements the "day-ahead" productivity method which I devised while doing my undergraduate thesis in Computer Science. This productivity method is based on a list of rules which allows the user to approach a project in a more structured way. I hope you like it.

:: Functionalities:

  • Create projects and bind them to a time schedule.
  • Add tasks to those projects, with the option to mark those tasks with a predefined state and completion percentage.
  • Brainstorming Bucket, where you can add your temporary ideas.
  • Synchronise your information to your iCloud account and share them with your other devices. Your information is always secure and with you.

:: The goals of the method are to:

  • Allow the user to set a very structured work schedule, with the ability to plan just one day ahead.
  • Allow the user to do exactly what was planned and not deviate from the plan.
  • Improve the user’s ability to plan tasks.
  • Improve the user’s ability to measure task’s times.